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Why a Home Water Filtration System is Superior to Buying Bottles

Why a Home Water Filtration System is Superior to Buying Bottles

Whether you genuinely enjoy it or just do it out of necessity, drinking clean water is crucial for feeling and looking your best. We all need to drink water, and many of us are especially interested in the quality, origin, and potential additives present in our water supplies. Does your household buy bottles, or drink from the tap? Do you utilize a water filtration system that’s hooked up to your refrigerator or sink? Whatever your preference is, we wanted to compare and contrast the differences and make our recommendations on whether filtered or bottled water is better for your family’s health and your wallet. 

Let’s start with a cross examination of bottled water. For many households, stocking up on bottled water makes sense because so many of us are always on the go. It’s convenient to grab a single bottle, or fill up a reusable bottle from a large water cooler, and be out the door. Bottled water is generally pretty affordable to obtain, and you can typically trust that it will have consistent quality. Due to it’s filtration before bottling, it’s taste and smell is sometimes preferable to tap water, depending on where you live. Surely, there are a lot of things to like about bottled water, but there are some ugly drawbacks associated with it as well!

One of the biggest problems with bottled water is the waste factor. Plastic is one of the worst pollutants on the planet, with over 2 million tons of plastic water bottle waste suffocating U.S landfills. The fact that plastic is made out of fossil fuels in the first place makes this statistic even worse - not only are we stressing our waste management resources with litter that takes over 1,000 years to completely break down, we are also wasting our finite fuel reserves on products that are made to be thrown away. We use a whopping 17 million barrels of oil every year to meet our thirst for bottled water production… that’s enough to fill 1 million cars with gas for a year! Producing bottled water doesn’t just use a lot of fuel; it is also a highly water-intensive process. It takes nearly 3 times more water to produce a bottle than it does to fill it, and we throw away more than 60 million bottles annually. If all this wasn’t bad enough, another pressing issue associated with bottled water centers on water rights. Many bottled water brands, such as Nestlé, fill their plastic bottles from municipal taps... literally taking water that taxpayers pay to have purified and selling it back to them for a markup. That’s not just an environmental issue, it’s an ethics issue! The case is pretty serious… Even though tap water isn’t great to drink in some regions, relying purely on water bottles to quench our thirst has some serious negative externalities!

So, what is your family to do if your tap water is sub-par, but you want to be mindful of your impact on the planet when it comes to choosing another option? Aqua Wolf Plumbing recommends a home water filtration system, fitted to your existing plumbing system, as a convenient, affordable and eco-friendly solution. A water filter will eliminate any odd odors from your tap water, which is typically caused by chlorine used at the water treatment plant to kill bacteria. Filters can also remove any contaminants that weren’t targeted at the water treatment facility, such as pesticides and herbicides that can leach into our water supply from industrial agricultural practices. Beyond removing contaminants from one tap, Aqua Wolf can install a whole home water filtration system that will eliminate chemicals, organic compounds, heavy metals, solvents, and more from every water source in your home, meaning you can cook, shower, and brush your teeth with the same pure water you drink. A whole home water filtration system is best for someone who wants to ensure they have high quality water flowing from every tap in the house! Call us today to learn more about how our top tier water filtration systems can benefit your family.

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