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Benefits of Drain Cleaning - Why It's Best to Leave it to the Pros

Benefits of Drain Cleaning - Why It's Best to Leave it to the Pros

It’s happened to all of us - you’re standing in the shower only to realize you’ve got water up to your ankles. That’s a normal occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should put up with! Sometimes, a simple drain snake just won’t cut it, and chemical drain cleaners can do more harm than good. When you get a badly clogged drain, you need to call in the professionals! Today, we’ll talk about the benefits of professional drain cleaning, and why DIYing this kind of project can lead to more problems down the line.

The most obvious benefit of professional drain servicing is cutting down on blockages. Even a little bit of hair clogged in your shower drain, or some debris that washed down your bathroom sink, can snowball into a nasty ball of grime and soap scum that causes slow drainage and overing basins. Did you know that clogged pipes can also lead to nasty smells? Buildup of dead skin, dirt from washing up, and bacteria can result in some really icky odors rising up from your drain. Many people report smells similar to mildew, rotten egg or sewage coming up from clogged drains… Not something you want your home to smell like! Keeping up with professional drain cleaning can prevent blockages from occurring in the first place, and save your spaces from unwanted odors.

Overflowing sinks and suspicious smells are bad enough, but an even more important reason to have your drains serviced is reducing the risk of substantial long term repair expenses. For most homeowners, when they notice a clog forming in their sink or shower, they reach for the drain snake or bottle of drain cleaner. These quick fixes may work in a pinch, but drain snakes rarely clear out the entire blockage, and drain cleaners can cause more harm than good. A drain snake can only reach down the first few inches of the drain, so any obstruction beyond the length of the snake will remain stuck in place, growing in size over time. Drain snakes are like a Band-Aid over a large wound - it might cover up the problem temporarily, but underneath there could still be damage building up!

Chemical cleaners are even worse than drain snakes. Professional plumbers do not recommend you use chemicals to clear clogs. Even though they appear effective, they are harmful for both your health and your home! Although they are a common staple under most people’s sinks, using them too often is more detrimental than you might imagine. First of all, these cleaners contain caustic chemicals that can burn skin, irritate eyes and airways, and are toxic if ingested. Using these products around kids or pets can be very risky. Additionally, when you rely on chemical drain cleaner every time you get a clog, eventually those harsh solvents begin to eat away at the material of your pipes, leaving them more fragile and susceptible to ruptures and leaks. Having your entire home’s plumbing system replaced due to corrosion from drain cleaners just isn’t worth the convenience of pouring it down the tub every time you notice a clog. It makes much more sense to invest in preventative maintenance, so you should keep your pipes clear with the assistance of a pro!

Next time you hear a gurgling noise or you notice your tub is draining at a snail’s pace, don’t reach for the harsh chemicals or grody drain snake. Instead, reach for your phone and give Aqua Wolf a call! Aqua Wolf Plumbing has all the equipment needed to safely and hygienically clear out your drains without damaging your pipes or exposing you to harsh chemicals. Save yourself the stress and the mess, and let us do what we do best!

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