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Reasons Why Your Toilet Won't Flush

Reasons Why Your Toilet Won't Flush

Nothing is more tiring than when your toilet won't flush and you're stuck trying to troubleshoot it on your own. Not everyone has the patience to do their own plumbing, and taking the time to fix a clogged toilet can throw off your daily schedule as well. The quickest way to repair your toilet and avoid having it clog again in the future is to understand the most common reasons that toilet's pipes get blocked. Knowing how your toilet tank works, what not to flush, and what brands of toilets are less prone to getting clogged will help you in the long run.

Here are some reasons your toilet won't flush:

1. Clogged pipes

This is the most common problem when your toilet won't flush. Whether there is too much toilet paper, or you've flushed anything that wasn't toilet paper, you're going to need a plunger to unclog your drain. You can also use a toilet auger to dislodge any blockage that the plunger cannot suction out.

2. Lift Chain Adjustment

The lift chain is a fickle thing at times, and when it's connected to the flapper and flushing handle, it plays a big role in your toilets functionality. If your chain is too loose or too tight, you'll need to adjust it so that your water flows easier when the handle is pulled.

3. Damaged Flapper

A warped or damaged flapper can also easily clog a toilet. If you take a look inside your tank and see a misshapen or decomposing rubber flapper, it's time to replace it to get your toilet flushing once more.

4. Check Your Water Valve

Your tank's water level should always be one inch below the tank's overflow tube. Your water valve determines how much water refills the tank with each flush, so make sure it's turned on and working properly, otherwise it will need to be replaced immediately for your toilet to work correctly again.

5. Broken Handle

If the handle feels loose, is rusting, and doesn't flush when you push it down, it's time to purchase a replacement flush handle. A new one will need to be re-installed and connected to the lift chain for effective flushing.

Don't Flush These Items Down Your Toilet

As previously mentioned, there are a dozen different ways that that can clog your pipes and drains so your toilet won't flush. Some of these items may seem silly to flush but accidents happen and there are many misinterpretations on what is okay to flush and what's not. Avoid flushing feminine products, wet wipes, floss, Q-tips, paper towels, or cigarette butts. Facial tissues, hair, pills, and food products are also big contenders in clogging toilets.

Many of these items are believed to be flushable because they break down over time. However, flushing them will immediately plug up the thin, curving pipes that drain your toilet water to a local sewer system. Be wary of what you're trying to flush and to keep things safe, just stick to toilet paper exclusively!

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