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Contaminants Found In Unfiltered Water In Your Home

Contaminants Found In Unfiltered Water In Your Home

Everyone needs safe, reliable drinking water. Local water treatment facilities do a good job of providing an adequate water source for the city-wide water system. However, they don't filter out the chemicals and other contaminants that may enter the water pipes between the treatment plant and your faucet.

Water entering your home may have low levels of pesticides, lead, and metals. Well water is especially susceptible to contamination since it is not treated by a water treatment plant. Minerals in the water, which is called "hard-water", can also be a concern. Some of the contaminants frequently found in drinking water can include:

  • Aluminum, which is associated with impaired brain function.
  • Arsenic, which is a known carcinogen and linked to circulatory damage.
  • Barium, which contributes to high blood pressure.
  • Beryllium, a probable carcinogen and toxic chemical.
  • Cadmium, which is associated with kidney disease.
  • Chromium, which damages the liver, kidney and nervous system.
  • Copper, which can cause stomach irritation.
  • Lead, which is believed to cause brain and kidney damage and is particularly harmful to children.
  • Lithium, which can cause diarrhea, nausea and kidney damage.
  • Manganese, which is toxic to expectant mothers and younger children.
  • Thallium, which is believed to cause hair loss and damage the intestinal tract kidneys and liver.
  • Zinc, which can lead to anemia.

SCARED YET? Pesticides and herbicides, which have leached into groundwater and are known to contain countless hazardous chemicals.

While the health risks associated with these contaminants are the result of prolonged exposure to high levels of them, most people will agree that consuming any amount of these known poisonous substances is not desirable and would choose to safeguard their family's health by reducing their exposure to toxins of this nature. One of the best ways to prevent contaminants in your water is a water filtration system. There are many options on the market.

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