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Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair

Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair

The bathroom is a sanctuary in most homes, a place to relax in a soothing bath at the end of a busy day or enjoy a refreshing and invigorating shower in the morning. Properly functioning plumbing and fixtures are essential for comfort and sanitation. Aqua Wolf Plumbing offers comprehensive repair, installation, and maintenance services for bathroom plumbing in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire — including:
  • Toilet Installation & Repair
  • Shower Installation & Repair
  • Bathtub Installation & Repair
  • Sinks / Faucets Installation & Repair
  • Unclogging Toilets, Showers, Tubs, Sinks

Toilet Installation and Repair

Toilets are by far the most-used part of any bathroom, but they're often the most overlooked until they begin to clog, or they stop flushing properly, or they develop cracks. The simple fact is that most consumers completely forget about their toilet until it causes them problems or pain, leaks, and all kinds of messes.
Toilet repair problems are a tedious part of being a homeowner. A broken or malfunctioning toilet essentially makes your bathroom unusable, which can make being at home difficult and problematic for family and guests. Several parts and mechanisms contribute to a toilet's effective operation, and a defective part can make a toilet inoperative. Common toilet malfunctions include:
  • The flush handle and its chain have disconnected, so the toilet cannot flush.
  • Toilet tank continuously fills with water, causing water waste.
  • A toilet does not flush completely.
  • Tank fills too slowly, delaying the time it takes to flush.
  • Toilet gets clogged constantly.
Sometimes, a defective toilet cannot be repaired, and some homeowners just prefer to update their bathroom with a new toilet. Toilet removal and installation can be a troublesome task for many homeowners, especially those who don't have much knowledge of plumbing and their home's water valves.
If you know which toilet you'd like to install but need help with the installation, Aqua Wolf Plumbing can assist with installing your new toilet and removing the old one. Give Aqua Wolf a call today and we'll arrange a time that suits your schedule to remove your current toilet and install the new one. That way, you won't have to worry about shutting off your toilet's water supply, correctly removing your current toilet, and discarding of your former toilet once the new one is installed.

Shower / Tub Installation and Repair

Aqua Wolf Plumbing offers complete bathtub and shower installation, replacement and repair. We also do handicap tub and shower installations so family members can safely live in and enjoy their home.
For bathtub repairs, shower repairs, leaking shower fixtures and bathtub faucet repair, let an expert plumber from Aqua Wolf Plumbing fix the problem. Whether it is a dripping shower valve or leaking bathtub faucet, we can fix it. It is important to save water and save money. A leaking faucet can waste as much as 15,000 gallons a year, and if it is a hot water leak it will also increase your utility bills!
The drip, drip, drip of a leaking tub faucet or leaking shower fixture is a constant reminder to fix it. Call Aqua Wolf Plumbing – you will love the savings on your water bill!

Faucet / Sink Installation and Repair

Faucet problems can be a huge headache. Small leaks or dripping can turn into big problems that cause a mess in your home. If you're having faucet problems, call the experts at Aqua Wolf Plumbing for faucet repair or replacement.
New styles and innovations are a constant when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Manufacturers like Kohler, Moen and Delta introduce new designs to meet the demands of style-savvy consumers frequently. Today's trend is turning your bathroom into a spa-like environment. Aqua Wolf Plumbing can help you tranform your bathroom into the most relaxing room in your house with high quality products from top manufacturers.
Whether it's a small repair or a major bathroom renovation, Aqua Wolf Plumbing has the experienced and licensed experts to handle it. We can recommend the right products to meet your family's needs, and install them with care.

Clogged and Slow Drains

Every time you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet, your drainage system should quickly remove wastewater. However, like any area of your home, drains can begin to cause problems. Some signs of a clogged drain include:
  • Slow drainage - This is one of the most noticeable signs your drains need cleaning. If you've noticed your sink draining slowly or your washing machine remains full of water when the cycle has finished, this might be a sign of an obstruction in your pipes.
  • Water backing up. You may notice water backing up in various parts of your home if your drains need to be cleaned, such as standing water in your bathtubs.
  • The smell of sewage - An unpleasant sign your drains need to be cleaned is the smell of sewage. If your drain becomes clogged, all the waste you pour down the sink or flush will build up in the lines, which causes the smell of sewage.
  • Strange sounds - If you hear the drains in your home emitting an unusual noise, they probably need to be cleaned. Water may be forced through small spaces when your drains are blocked.
  • Fruit and drain flies - The build-up of waste or garbage in clogged pipes can attract tiny fruit flies and drain flies, which breed in drains, septic tanks and sewers.
Many of the do-it-yourself methods for drain cleaning help to an extent, so the problem seems resolved at first. But then it comes back days, weeks or months afterward. Plumbers at Aqua Wolf Plumbing use specialized tools and industrial strength drain cleaning products that DIY solutions cannot address. From backed-up drains full of hair, to food, grease and more, Aqua Wolf Plumbing can remove physical obstructions with ease.

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