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Sump Pump Flood Protection Installation and Repair

Sump Pump Flood Protection Installation and Repair

Do you have a sump pump? If not, are you considering getting one installed? A sump pump is necessary in some homes and businesses – especially if you have plumbing in an area below the sanitary sewer line. Whether the sump pump is used to pump water from the lower area to the outside, or to the house or business drainage system, a professional plumbing company can install or service any style of pump.
By just the job description alone, you can probably understand what the benefits are of having this device in your residential or commercial structure. If not though, here are a few to think about:
  • Obviously, the most important service this device provides is reducing the threat of flood and flood damage. The best way to have a flooding crisis diverted is to set yourself up for success with a sump pump.
  • Did you know that one of the main reasons for electrical fire in a home is flooding? Rising water levels short circuit electrical appliances which leads to the risk of a resulting fire. Protect your home, loved ones and your electrical appliances with a sump pump.
  • Another useful benefit is that this device will help lower the risk of developing mold or mildew. When dampness gets into your home, especially when it lingers, this is the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. Eliminate the likelihood of having your belonging ruined or having possible resulting health issues by utilizing a sump pump.
  • Homes with inadequate drainage, or those that are located in a low-water table are prone to frequent flooding. This is particularly true following a heavy rainfall. The buildup of water can result in serious damage to the home's structure and can also lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

A sump pump helps to remove unwanted water out of your basement. Water is collected in a water collecting basin, and then a sump pump functions to pump all the excess water out and away from your home. This water is usually sent through a discharge pipe to your yard, or a nearby sewer. This is a great way to ensure that your basement stays dry no matter what the circumstances.

Installing A Sump Pump In Your Home

Getting a sump pump professionally installed by Aqua Wolf Plumbing is the ideal way to keep your home dry and to assist with the proper drainage of your home. Sump pumps also help to reduce hydrostatic pressure around your home. To put it in simple terms, the buildup of moisture in the soil surrounding your home creates pressure that pushes the water through the tiniest of cracks in your foundation.
If the soil around your home is particularly rich in clay, it is likely to be slower to drain water away. In order to prevent the accumulation of water in the ground around your foundation, a sump basin may be needed to collect the surplus water. A system of this kind is also useful in preventing infiltration of radon gas into your home.

Two Types Of Sump Pumps

There are two different types of sump pumps. A submersible pump is a sump pump that functions by being in the water that the water basin fills with. This type of pump tends to be more expensive due to the fact that it can operate at a higher capacity during flooding. The cost all depends on the depth of the well, motor size, etc.
Pedestal sump pumps are the other class of pumps. These pumps sit above the water level, and are not as durable as submersible pumps. They tend to be less expensive.

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No one wants to have to deal with flooding and the good news is that you may not have to. Protect your home or business by letting our experts install or repair a sump pump for you.
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